Self Care Sunday

One of my biggest pet peeves has got to be that there are SO many articles floating around the web telling you how to take care of yourself, and then give you weird unrealistic suggestions. Go buy some flowers. Try this $900 smoothie that will most likely taste terrible, but will make you glow! Go to a department store and try all the expensive perfumes and colognes. I’m sorry, I do not want to spend a fortune on flowers that will die, or smoothies that won’t make me glow, and I have no desire to smell like a Point Grey cocktail party threw up on me. I do believe in self-care though. I do believe it is important to take time to live in yourself, and let yourself be. I like to indulge in self care as often as possible, though life doesn’t always let it happen. Here are my realistic ways you can practice self care.

11 ways to actually indulge yourself:

1. Say “no”

It’s okay to tell people that you want to just stay in once in awhile. Sometimes you need to do it for you, and spend a night in. It’s almost summer, you will have lots of time to play then. For now, you can take some time and do nothing. You’re responsible to no one but yourself (unless you have children, a partner, or a needy best friend.. but even they can take the back burner sometimes). Remember that.

2. Sit on the couchhome-1822426_1920.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you the last time I sat on my own couch. I feel like I am always running in or out of the apartment, and I haven’t spent any time just being anywhere but my bed. Slowing down sometimes is necessary. So sit that butt on the couch, make a dent, and enjoy it!

3. Have a Netflix binge – guiltlessly

This one can be tough. We cannot deny we all love a good Netflix binge. We also cannot deny that every time Netflix asks if you’re still there we question what we are doing with our lives that we have been watching Netflix for so long it thinks we have forgotten it was on. Forget that. Let it go. It’s okay to veg sometimes.

(But if you’re feeling a little restless, or need to feel a little more productive…)

4. Get outside

Walk around the neighbourhood. Sit in your favourite coffee shop. Remember what it is you fell in love with about the place you live in. Though we may not be in some penitentiary somewhere, sometimes we forget that we are not in prison. We forgot that we can leave our offices, our homes, the four walls that bind us.

5. Read a book, or a magazine.

If you’re not into Netflix, or you want to take a break from the blue light read some fluff. Give your brain some candy. It will be good, trust me.

badesalz-1620261_1920.jpg6. Get your butt in a bubble bath

I have heard that some people don’t enjoy baths. As Chandler Bing referred to it: it is “stewing in your own filth.” But, even Chandler was a bath convert. If you’re really hesitant splurge on a bath product that really makes you want to have a bath. Whether it’s a really great scented candle or a super fun Lush bath bomb or bubble bar, having something that makes your bath special can turn your experience from hanging out in your bathroom to feeling like you’re having an at home spa experience.

7. Treat yourself to ONE vicepopcorn-707364_1920.jpg

Now, I am not telling you to have a drinking binge or anything illicit. I mean pick something that you don’t usually let yourself have: be it a cupcake, a bag of chips, or a bag of fuzzy peaches. Whatever it is that you love, let yourself have it. You can always hit the gym tomorrow.

8. Put on fuzzy socks

This one might be a little personal, but to me fuzzy socks are like the ultimate in couch wear. I love nothing more than to have warm cozy feet when I’m just hanging out. So, if you don’t like socks, pick something else that you find to be your ultimate comfort item. Even if it’s a duck onesie, if you love it wear it, no one is there to judge.

9. Drink something hot

Tea or coffee are my go to’s, but if you’re a big fan of honey, hot toddies and lemon or hot chocolate DO IT.

10. Shut off mobile-791164_1920

Much easier said than done. Please, I have been talking about this one, I know. But, what I learned from my detox day is that it can be very refreshing to not use our devices for a little while. At first you might feel uncomfortable and a little lost, but as you get used to it the lack of responsibility to anyone else, it can truly be liberating.

11. Dance it out

As any true blue Grey’s Anatomy fan can attest: when life gets you down, you need to turn on some music and just dance it out.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I will loan you my favourite dance it out songs. Enjoy, or let me know what your favourite dance it out songs are!


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